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I booked three flights to Melbourne from Brisbane. I realised that one name was spelt incorrectly. I sent an e mail asking them to change the spelling.

The money wasn't showing on c/c. Checked with them only to be told that the flights had been cancelled as there was a name change.

However they couldn't tell me why i hadn't been notified and could not give me the original prices.

i was not happy that the prices had gone up considerably and that they couldn't come up with a reason for not e mailing me. I won't be using them again

Product or Service Mentioned: Cheapflightnow Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I wonder about the misspelled name thing. We had a similar experience and I assumed it was my fault.

I emailed them the correction immediately after receiving confirmation and seeing the misspelled name and received a reply that correction had been made. Maybe it wasn't.

Regardless our booking was not accepted by the airline or so I was told weeks later when I called to inquire. No explanation and no email from cheapflightnow They claimed they had sent one but I have all my emails and nothing from them other than the original confirmation